Finally Got a Letter Back!

I was starting to get really worried! I thought maybe the letter I wrote back to Garry got lost in the mail and he thought was thinking I got freaked out by his confessional letter and didn’t want to be pen pals anymore. I’m glad I finally got a response back! I was already mentally rewriting the letter back, haha!

His letter was welcoming as always. He told me there was no need to thank him for revealing so much personal things to his letters, and that he considers us to be close friends. He is definitely appealing everything, he said, but is still at peace if the appeals are denied. I’m glad he’s at least fighting for his freedom, but at least if he doesn’t get paroled, he’s still okay where he’s at. It’s funny how he talks about the other prisoner’s on death row–he said “men here on death row…all act like kids!”

The best news he revealed in this short three page letter was that he fully supports me if I do decide to be a writer, and am free to use anything we talk about and anything from his case that will help me. Although it’s unlikely that I’ll have the time to write up anything and research everything that I would need to to write a book about him or his life, even if it’s just a fictional portrayal drawing from aspects from his life, it’s nice to know that there won’t be so many legal hoops to jump through since I literally have written proof of his permission to me.

He congratulated me on my college graduation and remarked briefly on the Boston Bombings and other current events. I’m excited to share with him the news of mine and Ryan’s engagement! He also said he’d love to read the book I wrote for my class, so in addition to a short letter I’ll be sending him my manuscript (my parent’s copy, I’ll have to reprint it soon!). I have to tell him how I’ll be gone living in New York City for eight weeks and how he may not get a response as quick as usual from me. I’m sure he’ll be fine with it.

I don’t know if I’ll be. I was getting so nervous that I hadn’t heard from him in so long this time, I bet I’ll be so anxious to get home and get my mail while I’m in NYC. Well, I’ll hopefully be so busy that it won’t be on my mind…maybe.

I haven’t written my response yet, but it’ll probably just be something short and sweet, there’s not much on my mind that I can even talk about, I’m so busy and going to get busier! I feel bad, I don’t want to deny him a friendship or put it on hold because what else does he have to do? I know he’ll understand though. It’s weird that I feel like I know him so well already and know how he’ll react. It’s a little uncomfortable, but if I didn’t want to get to know someone, then why would I have signed up for the program? That’s what I keep asking myself, at least.


Short and Sweet

THIS post will be short and sweet since I’m on my kindle…
It’s been weeks since I heard from Garry. I hope my letter wasn’t lost in the mail or anything. I’ve been running home to check the mail most days and have been consistently disappointed. I hope he writes back soon…

I couldn’t sleep last night so I turned the tv on. It was already on spike tv and the show Unsolved Mysteries was on. It was about San Quentin. I was instantly intrigued and ended up watching the whole episode. It was about this guy who successfully escaped in 1997. That would have been during the time Garry was there. I really wanted to find out right then and there if he had heard of it or if he knew the guy who escaped…if he ever thought about doing the same. It’d probably be impossible from death row. I mean that’s the point of being on death row. There’s a lock on your door 24/7 Garry told me. Still I wondered if he ever thought about what I’d be like to be free again…. hopefully he writes back soon or I may just send an extra letter in the meantime.