Short and Sweet

THIS post will be short and sweet since I’m on my kindle…
It’s been weeks since I heard from Garry. I hope my letter wasn’t lost in the mail or anything. I’ve been running home to check the mail most days and have been consistently disappointed. I hope he writes back soon…

I couldn’t sleep last night so I turned the tv on. It was already on spike tv and the show Unsolved Mysteries was on. It was about San Quentin. I was instantly intrigued and ended up watching the whole episode. It was about this guy who successfully escaped in 1997. That would have been during the time Garry was there. I really wanted to find out right then and there if he had heard of it or if he knew the guy who escaped…if he ever thought about doing the same. It’d probably be impossible from death row. I mean that’s the point of being on death row. There’s a lock on your door 24/7 Garry told me. Still I wondered if he ever thought about what I’d be like to be free again…. hopefully he writes back soon or I may just send an extra letter in the meantime.


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