Siempre Your Friend

I finally found his last letter, the one I lost. I knew I would the second my response letter was sent in the mail. It’s from September 16th. That seems like a billion years ago.

He told me he was supposed to be seen in front of the ICC Committee. I have no idea what that is, but at least it will give me something to ask about in my upcoming letter. He had an appointment for 9/11, but it was pushed to the 18th. I never asked how it went. He explained how he is on grade-B status and hopes to be moved to grade-A, that way he gets privileges. Right now, he says he is “ass out”. I wonder what privileges he’ll get…

Well, I know for sure he’d get phone privileges. He told me how much he wants to hear his mother’s voice. The last time they spoke was on the phone in 2007 because his brother had passed away. I couldn’t imagine not being able to pick up my phone and speak to anyone I wanted to. It’s something I take for granted. It’s easier for me to just text a quick message or send a message on facebook than pick up the phone and call. I should get better at that.

Garry told me a lot of men on death row with him are innocent. I have no idea if I actually believe that or not… He’s still claiming the evidence against him was fabricated. And I have no reason to not believe him, but it all seems a little weird, right? The Supreme Court vacated one of the special circumstances in his case, and his lawyer refiled with the idea that if they’ve vacated one, they can vacate them all. I have no idea what that means, either. After I finish writing this I’ll have to google all these legal terms. But from his context, I’m assuming it’s something good and one step closer to him getting out. That would be scary. Would he expect to meet face to face if he was released? Would I be able to? It’s a little nerve-racking.

He told me a lot of the other prisoners on death row get letters from their pen pals, and they even fly out to visit and get married. Those girls are crazy. I’ve seen shows about that and people I know joke around that I’m going to end up going down the same path, but that’s ridiculous.


UPDATE: 1/23/2014:

I started writing this post a really long time ago, I think even before Christmas! For some reason I hit “save” rather than “publish.” Great. I have since received a Christmas card, again, from Garry wishing me all the best as always. I sucked it up and printed a recent picture of myself and sent it to him in a Happy New Year card. I have yet to hear anything back. I don’t know if that was a great idea or not…but he has been asking for a photo for awhile now. I guess it’s fair, I’d feel weird if I didn’t know what the person I was talking to looked like.