I am a twenty-two year old girl from New Jersey. I noticed an acquaintance of mine was on Facebook talking about how she recently joined a program where they paired her up with a prisoner on Death Row–they became pen pals. I thought, “That sounds amazing!” So I prodded her for answers and eventually signed up for the program myself.

I was paired with an inmate only a month later, even though the initial letter told me the process would take a year. I was a little caught off guard–I still wasn’t 100% sure what I was doing and what I was getting myself in to. Luckily, my pen pal was very easy to get along with and asked all the right questions to move our conversations along.

This blog is my own experiences with the program. I will be changing the names to protect the privacy of those involved. I describe our conversations and trace my own struggle with some topics brought up: such as, is the death penalty moral? Can you be friends with someone on the other side of the country? Can you be friends with a murderer?






* names have been changed to protect the identity and to respect those involved.


2 thoughts on “About

  1. I am actually looking for a specific inmate, Glen Allen Bennet
    whom I believe is an inmate in San Quentin. How do I find out if he is still there?

  2. You can do an inmate search thru CDOC. First and last name is all you need; this site is valid for ALL CA prisons.

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